Planning Step #1 :
Before Your Sabbatical

Before actually quitting your job and going on your adventure,
we’ve identified 3 important steps you need to go through.

Which one are you currently in?

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I need to learning about Sabbaticals

You've heard of people taking sabbaticals but you're not sure if it's for you. You scared it may hurt your career or your other goals. You haven't fully commit to making a sabbatical part of your life.​

I've Made The Decision To Take a Sabbatical - Now what?

You did it! Making the decision is one of the most important (and hardest) step. Now that you’ve made up your mind, what’s next? How do you actually make it happen?

I'm Ready To Work on My Financial Plan

You now have a pretty clear idea on what your sabbatical will look like. Now it’s time to get into the financial planning aspect of it. Fear not, our goal is to make it an empowering process!

Step 1: Learning About Sabbaticals

Short Vacations vs Sabbatical – which one do I need?

Do you just need a week off to change scenery and get some rest (or much-needed adventure) or do you actually need a longer break than that? A good alternative to an often way too short vacation might be a sabbatical.

But what’s the difference between a sabbatical and a normal vacation?

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Debunking The Myths About Going On A Sabbatical

Contrary to popular myth, you really don’t have to be rich and have a lot of freedom to take a sabbatical, and the thousands of people around the world who are on their sabbaticals right now are proof! You could be one of them, too!

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Step 2: Get clear on your Sabbatical

6 things that can ruin your sabbatical

6 Things That Can Ruin Your Sabbatical

Taking a sabbatical is a big commitment for most people. And along with big commitment comes big questions and fears. So how can we make sure to not waste this amazing experience? Is there anything that could ruin your sabbatical? Let’s see!

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4 Steps to Plan Your Career Break This Year

The beginning of the year is here! There is no better time than now to commit to making our dreams happen. If taking a sabbatical or an extended break from work is at the top of your list for this year, here is how to start making it a reality!

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How To Talk About Your Sabbatical To Your Manager

We’ve all experienced that feeling of apprehension and dread leading up to a conversation with our manager. Whether it’s asking for a pay rise, asking for feedback, or even giving your notice, it’s only natural to experience anxiety or worry in anticipation of the confrontation. If you’re considering a career break to travel, it’s likely you’re already worrying about the moment you’ll need to bring it up at work.

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Step 3: Financial Planning for Your Sabbatical

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8 Unexpected Ways To Fund Your Sabbatical

To go income-free for a year isn’t something that happens overnight! With careful preparation, it can be an accessible goal and absolutely possible. Learn how to fund your sabbatical with these 8 unexpected strategies!

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Why work with a financial planner on my sabbatical plan?

Are you thinking of taking a break from work. 6 months, maybe 1 year without stepping in the office! Wouldn’t that be a dream? Maybe you’re thinking that could only be jus that… a dream. It is very much possible with the right planning!
This is why working with a financial planner on your sabbatical is a great way to make that dream come true!

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About Us

We both had amazing and memorable sabbatical experiences (if you’re curious you can learn more here). Our time abroad shaped the humans we are today as well as the business we are building!

As financial planners, we now help you to get that experience! 

Our mission is to make sabbatical breaks not only possible but also an important, intentional, and rich part of your career through smart financial planning!

If you are being called to quit your job and start planning a trip around the world, then this is for you. With smart planning, you can have it all!

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