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Financial Planning for your sabbatical success

– Your strategic partners, every step of the way –

Financial Planning for your sabbatical success

– Your strategic partners, every step of the way –

You don't have to wait until retirement to take a break from work

Dreaming of taking a sabbatical and career break

If you’ve found your way to us, you’ve probably already:  

But,  you haven’t packed your bags yet.  

What's stopping you from getting on that plane?

Plan Your Sabbatical Dream

Common reasons why people get stuck and don’t go on a sabbatical:

There are plenty of reasons why you don’t have to go and you’re finding all the excuses.

You keep finding the next reason to stay – the next pay raise or promotion, it’s the ‘wrong time’ to pull the kids out of school, your aging dog, your stock options are vesting, you’ll just wait for your next bonus…and you’re happy enough.

Naysayers are telling you that you’ll ruin your career…or your retirement (Maybe a small part of you is even starting to believe them).    

Not to mention you’re afraid that if you take this unconventional step, you don’t know what you’ll come back to. You’ll be saying goodbye to everything you know and you’ll head into the unknown.  

Yet you know it’s possible to let go and do something different.

We can help you get there.

It’s time to take that first step.

Middleton & Company helps you to plan your sabbatical with financial planning expertise

Sisters, Moms, Financial Planners, and Sabbatical Enthusiasts!

Hey there!

We’re Kailie & Taylor

Get beyond feeling stuck.

This is why we built our business.

Our job is to help you and your family get clarity on a realistic path to your sabbatical.

Having financial planners on your team means more than just daydreaming; it’s about putting an intentional plan together
to help you get to your sabbatical faster.

We craft and implement your personalized financial plan, incorporating savings, investment, and tax strategies, turning your dream into a reality.


We partner with busy professionals who seek a sabbatical lifestyle

It’s easy to get started:

Step 1

Share your sabbatical dreams with us. When and where do you want to go?

Step 2

Get your plan in place. We bring our expertise as we go.

Step 3

Catch your flight. We’ve got your investments handled!

It’s time to embrace the nontraditional. We build flexibility directly into your financial plan. 

Get to your sabbatical faster.

Embrace the nontraditional

Here’s how your life can change by taking a sabbatical:

Board your plane to your sabbatical
Board your plane to your sabbatical


Start aligning your money with your sabbatical goals now.
Download this guide to begin mapping out your path to your sabbatical.