Middleton & Company:
Making Sabbaticals a Reality

We are on a mission
to make sabbatical breaks not only possible

but also an important, intentional, and rich part of your career, your life, and your family
through smart financial planning

Our Story

While we work hard and take pride in our professional designations, what truly sets us apart from other financial planning firms is our belief that mid-career sabbaticals can lead to increased fulfillment and personal and professional growth – and they don’t have to be at the expense of financial stability and your longer-term retirement plan.

Travel has always been at the core of our lives, and we’ve made it a cornerstone of our careers too. By merging our proficiency in financial planning with our love for exploration, we’ve created something truly special. Our own sabbatical experiences have shaped us, and now they put us in a unique position to help you build out your travel dreams with smart financial planning and strategies.

Our approach to financial planning and investment management is based on three decades of experience. Growing up as daughters of a CPA/Chartered Financial Analyst®, we learned about personal finances through osmosis. We then built on this by earning our CFP® designations and working side-by-side with our dad before he became a full-time traveler of the world. We bring the expertise of his traditional finance teachings combined with innovative next-generation financial planning.

Middleton & Company : Financial planning and investment management for your sabbatical planning

We are moms, hard workers, dreamers, and planners.
We believe in non-traditional career paths and spontaneity, but also in financial security. We are committed to helping you achieve just that through smart financial planning.


Meet The Team

Taylor Anderson CFP, Middleton & Company, Financial Planner and Advisor For Sabbatical Takers



Taylor may appear to be the quiet one – don’t be fooled. She’s known to make unanticipated witty comments and connect ideas that haven’t been thought of. If she’s not touting her love of non-linear career paths, she’s working on making financial concepts visual and understandable for her clients.

What you should really know about Taylor:

She took two and a half years off from her career to join the Peace Corps and then traveled around Southeast Asia. Now she satisfies her travel itch by trekking around the Northwest in her Sprinter van with her two little boys, and squeezing in some backcountry skiing with her husband and Australian Shepherd when she can.

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Kailie is equal parts diligent planner and spunky go-getter. She’s also a  world traveler, having met her now-husband while studying abroad in Cuba and then living three years in Mexico. Kailie loves helping clients think creatively about their plans and is always up to grab a drink or go on an outing, if that’s where you’d rather talk finances.

What you should really know about Kailie:

Her preferred outfit is Birkenstocks and workout clothes, all the better if she’s wearing this while digging in her amazing garden alongside her kiddo, who is often dangerously hanging off a trellis to make his younger sister laugh while her two monster-size dogs watch on.

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Kailie Abascal CFP, Middleton & Company, Financial Planner and Advisor For Sabbatical Takers
Marisa Marquez, Middleton & Company, Sabbatical Planning

Marisa Marquez

Client Services Coordinator

Mario Nardone, Middleton & Company, Sabbatical Planning

Mario Nardone CFA®

Chief Investment Strategist

Yasmine Grignard, Middleton & Company, Sabbatical Planning

Yasmine Grignard

Brand Communication Specialist

Kingston Hollman, Middleton & Company, Sabbatical Planning

Kingston Hollman

Chief Compliance Officer

Why Work With Us?

We have been on sabbaticals

We both experienced firsthand the transformative power of a career break. We don't just talk the talk. We've taken sabbaticals and we know how scary, challenging, exciting, and memorable the experience is! You'll get our financial expertise and our sabbatical advice, too!

We know you care about more than just money

We realize money isn’t everything—it’s just a tool. Even when you have a healthy income, there are competing priorities for your dollars. Whether it’s for family-related expenses or charitable giving, we can help you give meaning to your money so you can live a vibrant life with the people and things you care most about.

Middleton & Company, Financial Planners Helping Mid-Career Professionals To Take a Sabbatical

We cut through the information overload

Financial planning and investment management can be overwhelming for some people. We get it! We're not trying to overload you with every single detail. Our job is to ask good questions and help you focus on the most important things at the right time. We would much rather spend our time having a genuine conversation about your life and let our financial lightbulbs go off while you talk.

We think tax planning is cool

While a lot of people think of investments, tax strategies, retirement planning, and estate planning as boring or overwhelming, we get excited about finding efficiencies and opportunities for you. And these change over time as your life changes, so we get to do the work we like over and over again!

Plan Your Sabbatical Dream

Independent & Family-owned

We are lucky enough to work with clients we truly like and do the work we love. We like to consider our clients as part of our extended family.


We do not earn commissions or any referral fees for the services we provide. Our fees are simple, transparent, and not dependent on any product sales.


Our clients’ interests always come first—and not just because of legalities and ethics, but because we genuinely care. We will tell you if we think there is a better option for you.

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We are a family business with 30 years of investment management experience and the freshness of next-generation financial planning.

We are a family business with 30 years of investment management experience and the freshness of next-generation financial planning.