Financial confidence on your sabbatical journey

Resources For Before, During, and After Your Sabbatical

Financial confidence on your sabbatical journey

Resources For Before, During, and After Your Sabbatical


Guided exercises to move you from dreaming about your sabbatical to actually taking it!

Where are you on your sabbatical journey? 

Before Your Sabbatical

During Your Sabbatical

After Your Sabbatical

With You Every Step Of The Way

Let your career break be a transformative experience, with the confidence that your financial well-being is thoroughly planned for.

Smart Financial Planning is a critical element of your sabbatical strategy, ensuring peace of mind throughout the journey—from effective budgeting to readiness for emergencies and a smooth return to work.

Explore the following resources made for each step of your sabbatical journey.

Get ready to better understand your financial situation, make informed decisions based on your unique circumstances and turn your sabbatical dream into a reality. 

Plan Your Sabbatical Dream
Plan Your Sabbatical Dream


Your sabbatical journey starts long before your departure date. It begins with setting your goals and making sense of how you’re going to make it all work financially. In this first phase, expect to learn how to:

> Calculate your net worth

> Strategically save for your sabbatical

> Plan out your sabbatical budget

> Avoid common financial pitfalls while planning your sabbatical

> Make the most of your employee benefits before you leave for your sabbatical



Even when you aren’t working for your money, make sure your money is still working for you. Learn how to take advantage of low income years while on sabbatical to move you closer to your future goals while you’re out enjoying the present. During this phase, you can expect to:

> Match your spending with your values

> Use your travel points to make your savings go further while on sabbatical

> Take advantage of the tax planning opportunities in your investment accounts


Many sabbatical-goers are surprised to find this third phase to be the most challenging. Your world view has shifted, perhaps your priorities have changed along the way, and now it’s time to translate your experience back into your day to day back at home. Be prepared to:

> Talk about your sabbatical during job interviews

> Plan to make sabbaticals a regular, ongoing part of your career

> Set goals for the next phase of your career

“It took us 4 years to plan our sabbatical so that we could travel the world for 2.5 years”

Taylor Anderson,
Financial Planner at Middleton & Company

Taking months or years off work takes time and a solid plan. The sooner you can implement your sabbatical dream within your financial plan, the more prepared you will be.

Mid-career professional enjoying sabbatical break

Ready for a smooth sabbatical journey? Partner with experienced financial planners.